It's Go Time...and a Shout-out to a loyal Isle fan

Well, its not really go time for the Isles yet, but for my wife and I, tomorrow morning is our move. Its been terribly busy, but I wanted to take a moment to drop a line to my fellow Islander countrymen.

There's not much to say about the Ranger game at this point other than it brought me great joy. Its great to see Hunter finally getting some goals for his hard work, although seeing his hard nosed brand of hockey just reminds me of the disappointment I felt this Summer when we couldn't nail down a longer term contract prior to arbitration. Garth Snow will be an extremely busy individual once our season ends (hopefully in June sometime). I enjoyed Sutton's play as well... clearing traffic in front of DP and nearly sending Petr Prucha onto Hempstead Turnpike with an attempted hip check.

I want to take a moment to say hello to a loyal Islander fan out there, AZS. We don't know each other, but if I ever run into you at the arena, this round is on me. And while wearing a Potvin jersey...priceless.

Have a great weekend guys, and Go Isles!


Thomas P said...

It was nice to see the Islanders get some crdit for a change. They broke into the Top 10 in Power Rankings on and ESPN. I had to do a doubletake.

Jim McGlynn said...

thomas p, thanks for the post. Wow, 8 on ESPN..that's definately deserving of a double take! Plus the fact that we have the most improved attendance according to SportsBusinessJournal-gravy. Not a start people would have expected on July 2, 07.

Tom Liodice said...

Best of luck with the move Jim!