Hello All. Its been a little while since my last post and I wanted check in with everyone from Islander Country.

Like many of you, I've been watching my share of playoff hockey. For someone who is definitely not a Devil fan, their loss to the Rangers hit me pretty hard. I, like Chico and Ken Daneko, was bothered by the presence of so may ranger fans for the final game in Newark. Perhaps its simply because as an Islander fan who sees the same thing happen in Uniondale, I can appreciate their pain.

The New York Times did a survey and asked for our playoff predictions in round 2. I chose the Habs, Wings, Pens and Stars. We'll see. I wouldn't put any money on it though, as I had the Ducks coming out of the West when the postseason began. Looks as if the Habs/ Flyers series is about to get pretty nasty as it heads back to Philly, and the same can be said, although to a much lesser degree in the Pens series. Its seems the rangers try in many ways to play devil style playoff hockey, but come up short in one area or another, such as turnovers. Plus, I question the longevity of a team who gives up a 3 goal lead in the second round of the playoffs.

On a completely unrelated note, I have come to an important conclusion. The Isles should redesign their jerseys. Now that I think about it, this will deserve a full post devoted exclusively to the topic in the future. In summary though, I look at the Habs, Stars, Wings and even Caps. Their jerseys are great. And they are great because they are simple. Let's go back to the 80's retro colors sans the orange sleeves and stripes.

We'll cut this a little short as I'm heading off to bed soon. I'll post at length soon with my playoff observations, fishing previews and gaming updates (GTA4, COD4, Assassins Creed, etc.).

And by the way, if you've read Chris Botta's recent post about "The Ranger's Effect", I agree with him. Anyone who thinks the rangers winning a cup would be good for the Islanders and their fans has simply never been had the misfortune of being an Islander fan who has lived in the NYC area since 1994. Goodnight.

Two Minutes for Being Sean Avery

This past week Sean Avery, with his innovative and bush league harassment of Devils netminder Marty Brodeur, has caused the NHL to broaden the scope of its unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Anonymous sources have recently reported to Greetings From Islander Country that NHL dean of discipline Colin Campbell is currently holed up in his underwater lair outside of Toronto drafting a new minor penalty to take affect next season. A two minute minor for "Being Sean Avery". Referees will indicate that such penalties have been called by waving their hands around sporadically while making menacing facial contortions.

The following will get you called for two minutes for "Being Sean Avery"

10. Screaming "Oh My God, there's a fire in the arena!" at opposing defensemen

9. Playing without hockey pants

8. Wearing a Dave Schultz mask to intimidate forwards

7. Hitting on the opposing goaltender

6. Painting your jersey over with black and white stripes and pretending to be an official

5. Untying the opposing goaltender's leg pads

4. Dropping dead pucks all over the ice

3. Mooning the opposing goaltender

2. Driving the visiting team's Zamboni while intoxicated

And finally, the number one transgression that will get you two minutes for "Being Sean Avery"...

1. Being Sean Avery

Farewell to the Also Rans

Hey loyal Islander fans (I know you are loyal if you are still reading Islander blogs at this point in the year), be sure to check out my comments in the NY Times Slapshot Blog's "Farewell to the Also Rans". There are many funny responses from all participants.

I find that laughter helps with the pain.

Isles to Send Yolanda Vega to Draft Lottery

Islander fans will no doubt recall the various celebrities that have come out to support our team this year. Kevin Connolly, Cristie Brinkley, Dee Karl, Pat Sajak and of course Yolanda Vega. I have it from very unreliable sources that the Islanders will be sending our own experienced lottery expert to NYC for Monday's NHL draft lottery in the place of Islander legend Mike Bossy. The strategy will be employed as an attempt to give us a better shot at the number one pick. The probability of such an event, which I believe to hover around 8%, will prove to be a tall order.

I have not been able to get an official comment from the team on these developments, but like you I'll be pulling for Yolanda. Or Mike Bossy. Ah hell, I'll just be pulling for the Isles.