January 18- Week in Review

Sorry Marty- Prior to the start of this week's game against the devils former Islander Chico Resch said during the devil telecast that Coach Brent Sutter had had enough. He went on to say that the sentiment was shared by the devil players. They were mad as hell about losing 4 in a row to the Orange and Blue and they weren't going to take it anymore. Well, like it or not, they took it again. DP was spectacular, with a couple of glove saves (especially in the final minutes of the game) of his total of 37 that were truly amazing. I am concerned with Berard's play of late, however. Opposing forwards seem to have the ability to skate by him, and last night he took two almost consecutive penalties. We'll have to wait and see where Bryan (-8 for the year) winds up after Martinek and Witt return, but I believe he will be destined for healthy scratch land. Actually, Meyer's strong play of late will complicate things for Nolan further. In conclusion however, I am quite pleased with the devil game. The Isles (by my count) are 15 and 0 when leading after the second. And they accomplished something even more impressive, they've found a way to make Brent Sutter look even more sullen than usual.

Whero is Miro? Eleven games without a goal and only 10 on the season is a great disappointment. If you look at the countless 1 goal affairs the Islanders get involved in his lack of scoring becomes even more glaring. He had at least 2 very strong chances to score against the habs earlier in the week and had he netted one, the Isles likely would have picked up at least one point. As February 26th approaches, he's vulnerable.

Charles and Chris- The versus telecast of the Isles/ habs showed a familiar face sitting with Charles Wang in the owner's box, Chris Simon. The announcers speculate that Chris actually may start practicing with the team again soon. Not crazy about that idea? Any suggestions then on who to play in March against Orr, Hollweg and Avery? I will say this for the Islanders. They show loyalty. This is one example, Webb, Cairns and Dunham are others.

The New York Times has reported that Christie Brinkley, along with Ivanka Trump and Ed Norton, have helped pour thousands of dollars into Governor Spitzer's campaign account. I am very glad that she is a fan of the Islanders, even though I occasionally kid about her famous catch phrase. As for her political allies, I'm not even going there. I just thought you might find it interesting.

Go ISLES and goodnight!

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