Sleepless Nights

I may be working on something pretty exciting that I should hopefully be able to publish within a few days. In the interim, I wanted to briefly post something tonight as there is so much going on in Islander Country.

First, I have not seen Howie Rose at a loss for words like this since Wendy’s started giving free chili to Islander fans again. The reason for his quiet rumination is the Isles logic defying play as of late. The team, who had difficulty scoring all season, and is currently decimated with injuries on the blue line, has somehow found a way to string 5 (make that 6) wins together. Jaffe thinks it’s largely effort. I think it’s somewhat more complicated. I liken it to listening to Springsteen’s “Greetings from Asbury Park” album, the prequel to my blog. I sure as hell enjoy the experience, but in the end, I really can’t explain why. (That mystery can be attributed to the cryptic lyrics of a young Springsteen.) It’s great to see the Isles get on a nice streak, but in the end, it does not change my mind about where the focus should be on Feb. 26, namely the long term future of this club. The Isles showed a ton of heart in their wins, but they also ran into Toronto and Atlanta teams who were surprisingly uninspired. Their streak is great, but it should be analyzed pragmatically by Garth Snow.

There seems to be some reluctance from Islander nation in accepting Chris Simon back into our line-up. Seeing as Jeff Tambellini is the temporary loser in this game of musical chairs, I can understand the sentiment. Personally however, I can’t bear to see Blake Comeau sucker punched, boarded and speared in the crotch any longer. We need, and have needed, an enforcer for a while now. It’s no secret. I respect Ted Nolan enough to support his decision here, and therefore support Chris Simon. Only time will tell if I have misplaced my faith.

I have had a hard time focusing at work lately. There is simply so much going on between the Isles playing seemingly every night, injuries, and the uncertainty of the trade deadline. Today, as I rushed to meet a deadline in my office, images of Chris Simon and Islander ice girls skated around my head. It’s maddening.


Islanders Outsider said...

Looking forward to whatever you have brewing!

7th Woman said...

It is maddening. Life should not interfer with Hockey from Oct to June.