"While You Were Out" NY Islander Edition (Parts 1 & 2)

I have a plan.

First, let me provide some background. Last weekend I had the privilege of attending the Core of the Four Event on Long Island. I arrived for the Parade of Champions an hour early to ensure a good spot on line. It was a very memorable experience as Islander legends walked mere feet from my position. Bryan Trottier threw me a little high five action, and towards the end of the parade, after having just handed off the Cup, Denis Potvin swung over to me and stretched his huge hand out as we exchanged a high five as well. All I did was offer up a little fist pump and he, as if sensing that I may be one of his biggest fans, found me. It was a emotional and unforgettable day, which brings me to my current dilemma.

Of course, I couldn't embark on such a once in a lifetime experience without a camera to document the special day. And on Monday night, I picked up my developed pics, and knew immediately that they would have to be shared with the World. The next day, I went with a buddy to Bed Bath & Beyond to purchase a frame. "These pictures must be framed and mounted in my home!", I thought. So Thursday night, I struggled for a half hour deciding which four photos to mount, and another half hour meticulously arranging the photos in the matted frame, constantly concerned about layout and symmetry.

Well Friday morning rolled around and I said to my wife "Honey, I have something to show you. You might be very proud of me because I know you love arts and crafts." I proceeded to pull the frame out of the closet. "Wow Jim, that's really nice", she said in an upbeat tone, "you know where that would look great? Your office at work." Well I was very touched that she seemed so supportive. She looked generally impressed.

But then I started to think. One, I don't even have an office at work. And two, this was all a sneaky attempt to tell me "if you think your hanging those pictures up in this house, you're out of your mind. Matted frame or no matted frame." I was forlorn at work. Until that is, I came up with a plan!

My wife is going away this weekend to visit her parents, and while she is gone, I'm going to hang the matted frame with the four photos (Coliseum, Ice Girls, Potvin & Cup and Core of Four Ceremony, respectively) next to my Potvin "Norris x 3" autographed photo. I'll call it "The Wall of Fame". Loyal readers of this blog will recall the unpleasantness that arose when I hung the first autographed photo last year, so understandably, I'm a little nervous. But I have no choice. If not for me, it would be unfair to future guests of our home to leave those pictures out of view.

Now be sure to check in here Sunday night when I document the aftermath of my wife's return and discovery of my "home improvement". I plan to post photo's as well, of the framed pictures, and of our air mattress. After all, I may be spending a lot of time sleeping on it come Sunday evening.

Sunday evening update - 5.18 PM, March 9th. Plan backfires.

Well, my wife came home earlier than expected, at 7 pm Saturday evening, before I even had a chance to mount the photos. No big deal I thought, I'll just install it Sunday afternoon when she goes grocery shopping. However, on Sunday morning, as I was playing Call of Duty 4 multiplayer and trying to avoid camping snipers, my wife came running in from the bedroom and yelled "So, while I was out, huh!" So my wife, who I mistakenly thought read my blog (and comments) less frequently than she does, read all about my plan before I could implement it. Fortunately though, as surprised as she was, she was a good sport about it and seemed quite amused. And at 5.00 PM, before we left for Sunday Night Mass, I hung the pictures with her blessing.

Well, at least until the next Islander Alumni event.


islesblogger said...


Unfortunate for you.

Great post - one of these days she will surprise you with something completely unexpected!


Jim McGlynn said...

yeah islesblogger, I sometimes fear the health of my hockey memorabilia and xbox 360 when I am gone, but my wife has not sabotaged them yet. You'll be enjoying the same dilemnas soon enough.

7th Woman said...

Um, excuse me.... If I can let my husband hang six of his prized guitars on my living room wall next to my oil paintings, YOUR wife can allow you to have your prized Islander photos any where you'd like! BOLT the frames to the wall so they can't be moved. That's called... compromise. he he he he....

Mike Carey said...

I have a really nice (and large) framed & autographed Bossy photo that's been sitting on the floor of our spare bedroom upstairs since we bought our house, almost 3 years ago! I'm still waiting for my wife to take a weekend trip out of town!