Defense, but at what cost?

I can see it now. Bryan McCabe, sporting an Islander jersey contributes about ten goals and 20 assists while providing some much needed "D" for our team. Only problem is, what I see is my memories of the 96/97 season, and not a crystal ball into 07/08.
There has been a great deal of speculation by many Islander fans that McCabe could be the guy to fill our needs at the blue line. Clearly, his stats from last season indicate that he can contribute all-star quality offensive support (if not defensive). However, it would come at a price. For one, we would be picking up a cap hit of almost 22 million over 4 years while taking on a contract littered with booby traps (incentives). For extending the courtesy of allowing the Leafs to get out of his contract and win some cap room, we would have to part with player (s). And realistically, are we in a position to trade what we have? Sure, since early Summer much has been done to improve the team and help mitigate the losses endured on July 1st. But if we are seeking a) McCabe b) prospect (s)/ future pick(s) and possibly even c) Toronto eating part of McCabe's contract, it will cost us. And cost us too heavily. Campoli's name has been mentioned, but that would be like taking a step forward, and another back. And if we were to make a weaker offering, Toronto will walk, given what Snow would be seeking in return.
The need is there. We have to have another quality defenseman to be competitive this year. I think it is more likely that concessions are made and a guy like Markov is signed than everything falling into place perfectly to make the McCabe deal feasible. Plus, they already got Blake from us, there's no way I'd help the Leafs again.
In summary, I don't see Wang letting us go into the season without filling this void, but Snow will earn his salary figuring out how.

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