OK. So I blocked time to write my blog tonight. I made sure I had the place to myself, with all other social and non-blog responsibilities out of the way. It was time to address the recent additions of Andy Sutton and Josef Vasicek. That was the plan, that is, until the news broke. The new jerseys had arrived.
First I thought it was interesting how much attention was devoted to this introduction on the Islander site. If the Isles traded Sparky the Dragon, 2 ice girls, and a future 3rd round draft pick for Sydney Crosby I think it would have gotten less play. But I guess when the look of the franchise changes in such a dramatic way, it should be announced with some measure of fanfare.
As for the jerseys themselves, it will take some getting used to. First, the shortcomings. The old school tie at the collar of the jersey feels somewhat incongruous on an otherwise modern look. Secondly, the orange is a little intense (is orange ever not intense?), although its an improvement over our former alternate 3rd jersey. Overall, I'll concede that it may be perceived as a little busy. Now for the pros. The sleeker look and supposed semi water repellent material are pluses. Secondly, while I realize that some might disagree with me here, the number on the front is a nice touch. In time I believe many more teams will sport that look and that our fans will grow to appreciate it. And finally, and most importantly, the players seem to like it. The Isles are saying that jersey design was a very collaborative effort, and given the unpleasantness we have seen with past sweater offerings, this was absolutely the right approach.
So that leaves me with a very difficult question. Will I buy one? Let me phrase it this way. If my wife found out I spent $210 on another Islander jersey, I would be sleeping on the couch and eating frosted flakes for dinner for at least a week. That being said, I'll probably go with a replica.

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