Quick Notes on the Caps Game

I'm heading off to York PA this weekend so I wanted to post something before I hit the road.

Obviously much credit is to be given to Guerin, and it is well deserved. If you watched last night's skate, however, you know what an amazing game Campoli played. Four assists on offense, drawing penalties, and doing so many little things right. The local papers don't mention him today, but he is do praise. And of course, DP helped us weather the Cap onslaught and give us a chance to win.

A plea to James Dolan- can you give the Devils a shot on the TV guide channel? Admittedly, we don't have the biggest fan base in the metro area, but we don't have the smallest either. At least mix it up a little.

As I head out on my long journey tonight, I can smile thinking of the Isles performance before the Congressional Subcommittee on Line changes and Surprise 4th line forwards.

It feels nice to win in DC again.


Anonymous said...

this is a fine blog & i will check it out regularly

Jim McGlynn said...

Thank you kind sir for the anonymous support. Wow, commenting on Isle blogs at 3.48 AM, now that fits my definition of a die-hard.