Why I'll never be an NHL Coach

I would have sat Bergeron and played Bootland tonight. Its that simple. Figuring on a typical restive Isle-Ranger affair I would have thought we needed Bootland's muscle against Holweg and company. After all, we were fortunate enough to interview Darryl after the loss to the Caps on Monday and he was itchin to get into this game. You can tell the guy loves to fight, and seeing as his right arm resembles my left leg in size, he seemed like a sure thing to skate tonight. Of course had I been coach, we very well may have lost this game.

I thought Berard was a little rusty in his own end but hey, he scored in his first game back against the blueshirts! And besides, we knew when we signed him we weren't getting the guy for his plus minus ratio, but rather to play Chad Pennington on our man advantage situations. I do hope he succeeds for us this year but add him to the growing list of players who will become UFA's next summer.

Did Jaromir Jagr play tonight? Tough to tell. Witt did that good of a job being all over him.

An obvious suggestion to the Rangers would be that they consider improving their their 0 for 14 season power play conversion percentage if they plan on applying for that parade permit in June.

On a final note, my DVR lost the final two minutes of the game, so if there were any ice girl incidents or goalie fights, by all means, drop me a line.

Great game Isles, great game DP.

And now, its time for a little celebratory Halo 3, followed by sleep.

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KeithG said...

As a devout RANGER fan, I'm sorry to say that even as your friend I still find it hard to read an Islander blog. But you certainly have your way with words and you offer more of a "hockey fan" perspective than the usually filtered garbage that you get from the biased reporters that cover the teams. To touch on a few issues you have mentioned: regardless of how well Witt played, and I'm sorry to admit it was quite well, I haven't seen Jagr actually play a game in almost 3 years. Take it from a ranger fan and season ticket holder, the only thing worse then Glen Sather in hockey, is James Dolan. See you on Halo buddy!